Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our amateur cinemophotographer Aly made this film

it is dediated to Scott.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

childrens Museum

Janae, practically risking imprisonment, let her kids play hookie one last day and took us to the undiscovered childrens museum. A day that could have cost well over $200 at Sea world cost a humble $22 and was so much fun!


Sarah had a big day on Sunday when she got baptised. There were so many people there to support her and she was feeling pretty special. We were all really proud of her, and just as happy to eat the cookies afterward since no one had eaten in about five hours! {I was definately about to hurt someone}

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River Walk

game of the week

As with all family gatherings there rises up a new game that will be played over and over. Times Up became our game of choice. A fast paced game of acting, decription, and remembering caused near pants wetting and even one to fall out of her chair. Janae and Ann Marie felt more effective when sharing a brain. Even Caleb rocked the house and took a strong second place while teamed up with Aunt "beautiful". Adam admired the naked man on the front of the box, and also won for most dedicated charader. In the end everyone laughed their faces off and got too little sleep due to this oldie but goodie game.

Monday, March 16, 2009

senior sharpie

Apparently these Texans believe that strapping chiseled white dudes with green eyes fought with the centralists against the doomed heroes of the Alamo. This dude was nothing more than a 6ft 2 in Jcrew model with a bad sideways toupe, a sharpie and an unsteady hand. You're not fooling anyone Texas.

the Alamo

Saturday we all ventured out to the city to see the historic Alamo*. It was much colder than it looked, but it was a great day of counting kids heads and making sure our party was in tact amongst the crowd. After a good walk around we all ate Janae's famous subs in the courtyard {which just might have been the highlight of the day}.
*Poor Davy Crockett.

lover boy

This kid is a lover! Earlier in the week he snuggled up to Aunt Ann Marie proclaiming with batted eyelashes "I'm in LOVE!" Later in the week he had to ride in the car with aunt Carolyn and at one point asked Aly "where's aunt Beautiful?" (she may or may not have told him that was her name ;) If ever in need of unbiased affection, turn to this little ladies man.

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These girls have been literally connected in one way or another the entire week. Ali is about to vomit at their overload of all things girly. 5 outfit changes a day, trading toys, twin glasses, and 3 hour piggy back rides. Cousins friends are the best ;)

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Janae's Unfortunate Experience in the Wrong Bathroom

At dinner Thursday night Janae entered to wrong bathroom. It wasn't until she washed her hands that she realized she may be in the wrong room. To help Janae and other ladies avoid an embarrassing moment like going into the wrong bathroom, here are a list of ten things that will let you know if you're in the wrong bathroom.

1. Smells like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks
2. Urinals line one wall
3. Air is filled with vulgar vocabulary
4. Those vocabulary words sound like they originated from a dude's voice
5. Toilet seats are up
6. When you look under the stall wall, people's feet are pointed at the toilet
7. Sound like someone's filling the toilet with water from a hose
8. When you hear a loud fart, its usually followed by someone saying "nice one" or "sweet"
9. Looks like the sinks haven't been used in years
10. If there's someone at the sink, it's probably a man

Thursday, March 12, 2009

saddle up.

What a good sport!  It seemed only an instant after they'd brought the saddle before Ann Marie climbed up and shamelessly cowgirled her way to a free birthday dessert....or so she thought.  Apparently the recession has now not only done away with suckers at the bank, but also with the complimentary 20 cent scoops of Vanilla ice cream!  Without any alcohol in her system or free sugar, Ann marie hung in there after three failed attempts to capture her "yeehaw" face.  You rock sister!

Mr. Gattis

To celebrate Ali's 10th and Sarah's 8th birthdays, the whole crew headed over to the Local "Peter Piper on Steriods": Mr. Gattis. The kids all ran around like the crazies they are, wanting nothing to do with the mothers who stressed over keeping a secret eye on them. The dad's dissapeared into baketball land, and I did my best to use the rest of the credits on my kids play card while earning the most tickets I could, cause i'm a dork like that. Then that way we could get the heck out of there after what felt like an eternity....right?
...wrong. This strategy backfired once we got to the ticket counter and struggled to spend the 871 tickets on tootsie rolls and foam aiplanes. 
{**Note to self:  less tickets = less choices = happier mom}
In the end it was a blast!  Thanks Janae and Steve for a fun afternoon :)

no arcade experience is complete without a good hour of basketball competition....

After days of keeping her cool, Ann Marie's face said it all...

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the family

12 kids.
8 inflatable beds.
1 poor babysitter :)

For the past 4 months temperatures have been in the upper 70's and mid 80's. WE haven't seen rain in years. Fancy that, once the reunion starts the temp drops and it rains. We're blaming Nate for the unseasonable retarded weather. Last time he came to visit we had the same weather conditions. So we can exect cold rain until the last day of the reunion. Way to go Nate!
It's official, the 2009 Jeanine Reunion has begun!